Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

A tale of Love and Crime

Our story begins as 3 of our Exalted heroes find themselves trapped in strange jade and iron prisons called Monstrances of the Hunt aboard a Scarlet Naval vessel called the Prowling Dragon captained by Sesus Mov, lord of the Emerald Hunt. He summarily taunts the party, and figures out he has the infamous Ragarra Pei Pei aboard. In the middle of the night a deck hand helps a fourth captive free himself from his prison. It turns out this is Yu Fan, ancient Sidereal of Journeys and powerful member of the Gold Faction. Our crew decides to spare Sesus Mov, opting instead to use speed and stealth to their advantage and flee into the Inward Sea by life boat.

The Sea is furious, and with Sailing skill exercised by Pei Pei and Azure Viper, they make it ashore, though Givara of the Inheritance Seeking is left quite bashed. Onshore, Yu Fan takes the party to a crossroads where they are handed off to his Sidereal Disciple, Jiochi. Usually this woman is all business but somehow Azure Viper has lowered her defenses.

The party heads to the village of Masteh where they secure rooms at the Bristling Boar Inn. With a mood of love in the air, Viper and Jiochi retreat to a room, meanwhile Givara attempts to “seduce” Pei Pei. After getting fleeced by Cinna the Inn Keep, Pei Pei finds comfort in her own room.

In the morning our party rents mounts and heads North to Celeren. Making camp at night, our group is accosted by 6 undead Fallen Soldiers. They easily best them, but Jiochi believes they were sent. Later Jiochi Learns that the Abyssal Exalted named Quiet Whispers on Starless Night sent them to locate the party as the War Spirits will seek the brilliant essence of the Solar.

Our party then arrives in Celeren and makes its way to Port Town where they enter the Guild Halls of Sweat to uncover who was buying the party into slavery. The Halls are headed by an obese overlord named Hopan Inmara. Using some trickery our party plays the part of Sesus Mov and uncovers that Daimyo Sozar himself purchased the slave contract.

Seeing the opportunity to utterly destroy the reputation of Sesus Mov, the party lays disputable acts at his feet including shitting on the steps of the Church of the Immaculate Order, punting a baby into the harbor, and pissing on a wood elemental statue guardian of the Daimyo.

With a meeting set with Hopan Inmara, our party sets in secret at the Fighting Arena (The Temple of the White Tiger). They see Inmara meet with Daimyo Sozar. Using some Sorcery and some Charms, the party sees a Lunar (White Owl of Shifting Snows), that Sozar is a Dragon Blood of Wood Aspect, and an Abyssal (Quiet Whispers Under Starless Night). Snow helps the party escape in her current Knack as an old scarred leisure guard. Once underground she reveals a form of pure beauty. She claims to know Azure Viper from a former life as a “handsy” Solar of the First Age. The party successfully escapes and heads back to their Inn, the Cloud Dragon Pleasure House.

Yu Fan arrives along with Jiochi, and has some Intel. Yu Fas has travelled to the Heavenly City of Yu Shan and looked into the Loom of Fate. He has learned that someone in your party has the ability to gather the key from the Tomb of Hiadje, and use this key to open the Secret Temple on the Isle of Penance. Some item on this aisle is of great interest to the Death Lord The Mask of Winters who has created a Shadowland in the City of Thorns. He had learned of your group from the Traitorous Sidereal known simply as “The Green Lady”. Quiet Whispers Under Starless Night is the Masks Abyssal representative in Celeren, thus she bade the Daimyo to purchase the contract for your capture with the Guild. It’s bids a few questions however; why didn’t she kill or capture you on the road? Why twist the Daimyo into this? What does the Mask of Winters want?

Our party decided to steer clear of The Mask of Winters, and devises a plan in which they will travel to the plains and the Statue of Hiadje. Yu Fan and Jiochi will twist the Destiny of Whispers to force her to stay in Celeren where her Abyssal power will be weakened as she can’t return to her masters shadowlands.

With that our party prepares to set out. Snow however believes she can recruit some help for them before they Brave the plains of the Scavenger Lands…


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