Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

A tale of Snakes and Ice

Our party gathers at the Jade Dragon Inn in Celeren plotting strategy. During this session Tanse arrives to invite the party to the Feast of Execution in honor of Sesus Mov at the Daimyo’s Palace.

At the feast during the festivities the Scarlet Magistrate Ragara Jefes finds his grand neice Pei Pei and reveals that Sesus Mov gave up that she is an Anathema. Jefes gives Pei Pei Mov’s tongue and promises to hold her secret.

Givarra takes the somber role of beheading Sesus Mov, and sends his head flying into the gathered crowd.

Using the cover of night the party flees East along the Bamboo Python River into the scavenger lands. The party happens upon a stone bridge in which brigands try to gather a toll. Givarra starts a fist fight, and Pei Pei unleashes freezing hell upon everyone, allies included. The only one unphased is The Azure Horseman who is flying upon his white steed in the heavens. Our party camps and recuperates.

The next day the party encounters a massive horde of Mirukani horse lords. They take an invitation to a feast, and a chance to heal at the hands of Tatha the Shaman. After some sweat lodge time, and Pei Pei thwarting the advances of Gothas the horse scout, they partake of the feast. Out of nowhere, the massive Bamboo Python God, and his Naga-Sa Warriors beset the party. With ground and air tactics they prevail. The Mirukani, led by Mathos, believe Azure to be Equus the Horse God reborn. He has liberated them from the crushing grip of the Bamboo Python God. Of note as well, Givarra slayed his first God, appeasing the Demon Lord Malfeas and securing his place in the Infernal Heirarchy.

The party arrives the next night at the Hiadje statue. After solving the puzzle of the tomb entrance, a Fair Folk guardian of the Chaos Bent arrives and nearly decimates the party; however they prevail. Once within the tomb, they smash hordes of undead, and make their way to the burial chamber of Hiadje the Solar Warrior-King. His crypt has been robbed by the League of Explorers, but Pei Pei finds his hearthstone ring to open his ancient Air Fortress Manse buried in mystery at the Isle of Penance.

The party races back to Celeren and meets with Yu Fan. He explains the Bronze and Gold Factions of the Sidereal. He also reveals that the Isle of Penance is located in the Coral Archipalego. Our party secured passage with Captain Montego and the Solar named Wind to the Skullstone Archipalego and beyond. What wild adventure awaits our group upon the high seas?


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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