Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

Ambush in the Ruins...

Our party begins in the city of Onyx on the Skullstone Archipelago. After pursuing their own agendas, they reconvene at the Bastion of Captain Montego. A visitor arrives, it is the Sidereal Yu-Fan. Our party takes a different stance with Yu-Fan, perhaps believing that he is leading them in a direction of his choosing. He tries to persuade them to visit the city of Lookshy and meet with the Sidereal Prophet “The Ancient Prophet of Fortunate Circumstances.” The party scoffs at this idea.

The party knows that “Quiet Whispers Under Starless Night” and “Black Blade of Silent Vengance” are in the city to ambush the party and steal the Key of Hiadje for their Master “Mask of Winters”. Our party lures them to the ruins with the help of Yu-Fan. A great battle takes place at an old Gladiator arena. Montego brings his forces, and Whispers summons the undead. Black Blade falls to death, but Quiet Whispers nearly kills Pei Pei Ragara. If not for intervention from Yu-Fam, Pei Pei may have become an Abyssal Servant of the Silver Prince.

They then research where they can find Essence Batteries. The locations are; the Immaculate Temple of Ivory Resplendence on the Blessed Isle, The Ration Academy on Nightfall Island, The Heptagram on the Blessed Isle, and in an ancient Temple lost in the city of Nexus. They decide Nexus is the best place to investigate.

Our party sails off to Nexus. The route is full of peril, but they are able to avoid much of it with Captain Deth’Marq at the helm. They have an interesting encounter with the Whale Merchant, and are able to procure some ancient relics.

Once in Nexus, the party meets with the Silver Prince’s spy master “Scorched Weasel” in Ahstown. He can assist in a meeting with the Guild Agent Shalena the Graceful. Shalena is at the main Guild Hall. She reveals that a shipment of Essence batteries was lost in the Firewander District. The party heads to this pit of chaos, and searches for the lost cart. They find it with some bodies of merchants. They locate a place called the Temple of 10,000 Nightmares, and the Wyld Horrors that dwell there, sucking Essence off of the batteries. After a skirmish, the Wyld Horrors are defeated, and the party claims a stockpile of batteries.

It’s off to the Fog of the Eternal Mist, where the Air Fortress of Hiadje is located. The party activates the Fortress, its weaponry, and the War Striders. Now, they must decide their next action, as the Fortress is at once a great machine of war, and an instrument that could lead to their demise…

Black Blade falls…


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