Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

Death by War Strider!

Our party begins in Celeren, plotting and planning a way to destroy the Abyssal Quiet Whispers. There is much contention on how to do this, with days wasted in planning. It is decided to pretend as though Kyu has been killed outside of the Puyo assault, and his body sold to the highest bidder. The League of Explorers pledges the highest value, and so the party meets them at the Blazing Dragon Inn. With a mix up, Kyu is left outside, leaving the ring plan by Pei Pei useless. Koup takes things into his own hands and removes Kyu to take him to the Slavers Hall and sell him. Between the Plateau and the Port, Quiet Whispers attacks. The party comes to the aid of Koup and Kyu, but not before the massive God “The Necrothurge” arrives. A huge battle of Exalted and undead ensues on the open grasslands. Finally the party overcomes the Horror and defeats Quiet Whispers and the Necrothurge.

Our party is summoned to Gorot in the North to meet with Hiadje. Before arriving, “The Word of the Forsaken” meets Givarra and reveals that the Ebon Dragon and the First and Forsaken Lion are working together to bring down the other Infernals and Abyssals. It is revealed to Givarra that in the First Age he was the Warrior Commander of Hiadje, and Gorot was his Fortress. He assumes his Throne of Farsight, his Hellstrider named Abraxus, and a massive amount of lost knowledge.

From there the party is summoned to Onyx to assault the Silver Prince and assist The Lover Clad in a Raiment of Tears. The Lover has gathered her Necromancers of the Ration Academy, and the Silver Prince has amassed his forces of death Knights and Dark Wixards. The tide turns as the party brings forth the War Striders and Hell Strider and brings havoc to the ground, while Kyu brings the devesatation from the fully operational Air Fortress. Before long, the battle is pushed into the Underworld where the Silver Prince dwells. The Prince and Lover engage in an epic battle of Legendary Martial Arts, while the remaining Death Knights are put down. The Silver Prince falls, and Kyu boldly approaches the Primordial known as the “Dweller in the Darkness”. The Dweller accepts Kyu, and bestows him with the Power of the Death Lord.

Now the party plans to rebuild the School of Solar Sorcery in order to take down the Sidereals. With the Air Fortress, and Brigid in tow, the party scours the wide Oceans…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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