Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

Pirates and Undead, oh my!

We begin as our party departs aboard the Kraken Breaker of Captain Montego headed towards Skullstone Archipelago. The seas are quite normal for the first few days, until in the depths of the night they are assaulted by Nokemo, the Sea Serpent Goddess of Destruction. With team work and bravery, our party thwarts the beast with few casualties to the crew. In the end, Givarra sends the Goddess back to Yu-Shan in disappointment and defeat. The next few days are normal until a small vessel called the Setting Sun crewed by Panda-like Djala foolishly attacks the crew. Koup is able to wrestle Captain Weeseena from the seas and turn him/it into Montego. On Skullstone our party is hosted by Captain Montego in his Bastion in the City of Onyx. An abyssal named "She who sees the Fears" greets our party and invites them to a feast in their honor at the Palace of the Silver Prince. Our party attends, and the Silver Prince turns out to be a Death Lord. He offers our party immortality. Azure Horeseman drinks his mystical embalming fluid, while Koup gives his to the Djala named Sui. Aboard the Setting Sun, our party overcomes a missing Essence Battery situation, and makes their way to the Temple of the Wind in Coral Archipelago. Here they meet the Solar Wind. She has charted a course to the Isle of Penance. Wind also introduces the Dragon Blooded Monk Healer V'Neef Rin-Chen to the party. Pei Pei shows stalwart skill in navigating the ship through treacherous coral reefs and into the Eternal Mist. Once within, the mist clears and our party sees the floating Isle of Penance. Azure attempts an airborn scouting mission and is waylaid by a water elemental. Koup attempts to run up the chain and is accosted by an Air Elemental. A new plan is formed, and Pei Pei flies by cloud to negotiate with the Woodsy God of Sorrows. He takes the Hearthstone Ring of Hiadje from her. Givarra must intervene, and he battles the God. An air assault is performed by Azure and Rin-Chen, while Koup assaults the Water Elemental. After some struggle, the party is successful on all 3 fronts. They enter the Air Fortress, a First Age wonder full of Essence Cannons and War Striders. It's missing all of the Essence Batteries, so the party decides to let the Fortress remain hidden until they can find batteries… image.jpeg


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