Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

Schemes and Allies...

Our party begins in the City of Windros near the Temple of Wind in the Coral Archipelago. Yu-Fan and Jiachi arrive to reveal that the Death Lord “The First and Forsaken Lion” is hunting the other 11 Air Fortresses of Hiadje, along with the location where he built them. This knowledge is located in the “Journal of Hiadje” which is held at the Grand Hall of Sacred Wisdom outside Imperial City on the Blessed Isle. Our party sets sail for the capital of the Dynasty.

Upon arrival, the party meets the Ragara family, and Pei Pei’s father Huang-Fei and his mother Mei Lin. All courtesies are given. The party finds out they need a decree from the Regent, Tepet Fokuf in order to enter the Grand Hall, and so they attend the “Feast of Spring Renewal” with the major House Players of the Dynasty. A list of some prominent attendees are:

Mnemon: Earth – satraps and beauracrats – Mnemon, Katan (son)
Tepet: Air – warriors – Fokuf (regent), Nya (wife)
Cathak: Fire – military – Lord Baldin, Master Timin
V’Neef: Wood – merchant marine defense – Lady Shumy, Lady Isiko
Sesus: Fire – beauracrats – Torin, Sphev (adam rival)
Peleps: Water – commands navy – Admiral Tanaka, Rear Admiral Kyoti, Feipu (son of Sorugan and adam rival)
Ledaal: Air – immaculate monks – Father Sebastian, Priestess Inyon
Ragara: Earth – bankers – Huang Fei (royal physician Adams father), Mei Lin (mother), Jefes (uncle – high magistrate)
Cynis: Wood – slavers – Bizok, Drazkor
Nellens: n/a – merchants – Master Shantin, Mistress Zybeeda
Iselsi: Water – assassins – Shy, Ooshon

Chejop Kejak – head sideral
Ayesha Ura – Gold Faction Sidereal

Immaculate (Elemental Dragons)
Mela – Air
Pasiap – Earth
Hesiesh – Fire
Daana’d – Water
Sextes Jylis – Wood

Kyu mixes up with Mnemon, and she reads his thoughts and intentions using ancient and powerful sorcery. Kyu decides to recruit her into his larger plans, and she sees the opportunity to usurp the Dynasty from the Regent and the Sidereal Chejop Kejak. He then has a foray with Mnemon and her son Katan in her Royal Suites. Pei Pei takes one for the team and beds a drunken Regent Fokuf, and manages to procure the decree of entry into the Grand Hall. Givarra mixes it up with the Rear Admiral Kyoti after some Glory-Hole tapestry action. Koup’s path takes him to the bed chamber of Ragara Mei Lin for a night of romance and intimacy.

The party then makes their way to the Grand Hall of Sacred Wisdom, where the decree earns them a chance to fight the poisonous manifestation of Togohashi, Dragon of Wisdom. After some efforts, the party dispatches the foul tree beast, and obtains the Journal of Hiadje.

They learn that Hiadje’s Palace was located far to the North in the City of the Wall – Gorot. His Manse where he built the Air Fortresses is located far to the South in the Burning Sands. Our party heads south to the city of Chiarusco. Here, they meet up with Thoothgar, Chieftan of the Dune People. Kyu offers Pei Pei as payment for the Chieftan to take them to the Mountain shrouded in black clouds. It is a tense scene when Pei Pei decides now she has virtue.

The party finds the Mountain south of the ruins of Aj-Aran. They enter and see a Gateway that shows past, present, and future. After some visions, they contemplate entering a breech into the Underworld. Their hand is played when the Death Lord “The Lover clad in a raiment of Tears” arrives. They meet her Death Knight “Night Fire” who falsely claims to be Hiadje reborn. She agrees to release Hiadje, and Birgit whom she has imprisoned in Amber if the party helps her defeat the Silver Prince. At her palace, the “Fortress of Crimson Ice”, she keeps her word, and so Kyu removes the Black Fleet from Onyx.

Our party heads to Celeren, to find a way to defeat Quiet Whispers and thwart the Mask of Winters. Hiadje asks them to meet him in Gorot, and Givarra’s acolyte “Dancer Under Green Sun” has a vision that Givarra will achieve his inheritance in Gorot. The Lover strikes out, Mnemon moves against Chejop, and our party begins to dismantle Mask of Winters. Somewhere in the Shadows, The First and Forsaken Lion and his infernal ally The Ebon Dragon watch everything unfold as they had planned…


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