Kyudojin, Hand of the Silver Prince

Abyssal Moonshadow


Kyudojin sees fleeting glimpses of some past life. He ignores those glimpses.

Some confuse Kyudojin with a being named Azure but Azure is dead. True, both are archers but Kyudojin is no horseman. No ladies’ man. He is an intimidator, a hunter a destroyer.

To observers Kyudojin is some dark version of Azure. Equally entrancing but much more dangerous. Where Azure seduced, Kyudojin dominates. Where Azure sought to protect, Kyudojin seeks to destroy. Where Azure had friends, Kyudojin has companions.


Prior Existence
Azure Horseman is a restless Solar. He has traveled far and wide in the world and wishes to find out all he can about this world and other planes. He learned quickly how to charm and persuade others but eventually found that sometimes others wished him harm. He therefore learned to defend himself with a bow and with the speed of his Phantom Steed.

Azure is one of the finest horsemen in the realms and a very good archer. His ultimate goal is the understand all he can of his Solar existence and perhaps ways to prolong his quest into immortality.


Kyudojin, Hand of the Silver Prince

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