Mask of Winters

Deathlord and Ruler of Thorns


Larquen Quen was a Twilight Caste who fled the Usurpation at its onset with a group of other Solars led by the ancient and illustrious Kal Bax. Master Bax had constructed an ingeniously hidden manse — an Invisible Fortress that even the Loom of Fate could not find. He and his protégés fled there to wait out the Usurpation.

Their wait became long indeed.

In time, each Solar died of suicide or murder by one of their fellows. When Quen died, the Neverborn sent an emissary to meet him, the Walker in Darkness. To Larquen’s astonishment, that Deathlord was actually one of his former compatriots from Bax’s Invisible Fortress who remembered nothing of his mortal life (which was good since Larquen Quen had murdered him using a powerful artifact that slew the memories of its victims as well as their bodies). Larquen concealed his recognition of the emissary, followed the Walker into the Labyrinth and sold his name to the Abyss for the power of a Deathlord.

The Mask left the other Deathlords slackjawed when he brazenly attacked and subjugated the Realm satrapy of Thorns, and incidentally made himself the most (in)famous Deathlord in all Creation. For centuries, the Deathlords held a tacit agreement that they would move subtly against Creation, lest they suffer as the Black Heron does or give the living an enemy against whom to unite. Such subtlety became impossible once the Mask seized Thorns.

Since then, other Deathlords have scrambled to match his accomplishment—some more capably than others.


Mask of Winters

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