Ragara Pei Pei

Solar (Twilight Caste)



Age: 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue
Skin: Pale
Concept: Scholar
Caste: Twilight
Motivation: “become the most powerful sorceress in the Realm and restore the Solar Deliberative.”
Anima: takes the shape of a large white wolf with trailing multi-colored plumes of smoke that dance off it’s back and flare in a bright multi-hued rainbow of dancing light surrounding Pei Pei.



Ragara Pei Pei


Pei Pei was born to Ragara Huang Fei (Royal Doctor and Primary Care to the Regent Fokuf) and Ragara Mei Lien (an outcast who saved the doctor from a horrific death.) Mei Lien does not talk about her past, but it is certain to both Pei Pei and Huang Fei that it was a very colorful and dangerous one. Although Pei Pei’s mother is supremely skilled in martial arts and is a blur of deadly speed and precision, she is a loving and devoted mother and wife to both her daughter and husband. Huang Fei was not interested in following the footsteps of his banking House. He was always fascinated with biology, medicine, and the art of healing. Huang Fei is the nephew of the Empress, and he is a loyal subject of the Scarlet Dynasty. Pei Pei has seen what the powerless must endure in the Realm, and she likes the station she was born into. Huang Fei is one of the many relatives of the Empress, and his position as Royal Doctor grants him a certain confidence with the Regent and Court. His entire life has been an Imperial Conditioning and his loyalty is absolute. Pei Pei’s childhood was a happy one, and she loves her parents.


Pei Pei began her primary tutelage at court. Her education was private and she accomplished much as a ten year old. She drank in so much knowledge in the first five years of her education without stopping for breath. Her life was consumed in learning, but she fancied the magical arts most of all. It was no secret growing up that her secondary schooling would be at the Heptagram. At the age of 15, Pei Pei had learned the subtleties of caligraphy, art, math, philosophy, politics, archery, fencing, and some martial arts. The closing of her primary education was an auspicious time for her family.


The Heptagram Academy

The mysterious Isle of Voices was odd and dangerous before generations of students and faculty experiments—no surprise, since the whole island is one hugely powerful demesne. Kaleidescopic rains, a grove of talking brass treees, and a tor that invariably draws lightning from storms are only a few of the islands wonders. The islands small population of farmers and fishermen take all these strange occurences in stride, and students are warned to obey them without question. A shepherd might have seen more magic and danger on the spirit-haunted isle than a young Dynast can easily imagine…which sometimes pushes a student into the Ordeal of Humility before the faculty arranges it. Pei Pei’s initiation into sorcery began with an almost instant rivalry with her first cousin, Sesus Sphev. Sphev found out from the beginning his cousin, Pei Pei, was higher born and this did not sit well with him. Pei Pei’s Trial of Humility began with the endless taunting and competition between her and Sphev. Sphev would deliberately try to corrupt anything she did, and he was quite cunning at keeping out of trouble. He made Pei Pei’s life a living hell for a time, until her Trial of Tutelage began.
Pei Pei left court to contemplate her woes at the family estate near Juche in the southern tip of the mountains. Her humiliation and frustration lead her home. While walking the grounds of her childhood home, she began to feel a presence. This spirit or ghost wasn’t terribly subtle in letting itself be known. Pei Pei would occasionally get a glimpse of a very young child dressed in fine purple silks, leaning against a tree or watching her reflection in a pool off one of the paths. At first, she thought the child was visiting, perhaps her mother was entertaining or neighbors, not that she had ever seen a neighbor, were visiting. It was only when she came close enough to the child that she realized this wasn’t a child at all. When she looked at the spirit, she saw a muddled almost out of focus face. The face wasn’t the most peculiar thing about this spirit, because her eyes were faintly glowing lavender orbs. These orbs matched the silks she wore. On occasion Pei Pei would see her fingertips glowing with a similar lavener radiance but none of this was frightening to her. Her instruction from the nameless spirit began almost immediately after this encounter, as if it were on an unknown schedule that Pei Pei wasn’t aware. The spirit, only known as Storm, opened up a universe of knowledge to Pei Pei. This spirit was really a messenger of Mela, the Immaculate Dragon of Air. And she drank the knowledge like water, which for all intents and purposes was a great transition to her third trial—the Journey.
Pei Pei traveled to the Elemental Poles to discover the secrets of sorcery, thus beginning her understanding of life and her role in it. The knowledge gleened was part logic and intuition with playful Storm helping her with the details.
Pei Pei’s Fourth Trial, the Trial of Fear, was the most difficult to move beyond. Pei Pei’s greatest fear was losing her power and her will. Storm visited her dreams while Pei Pei glimpsed a world where she was a slave with nothing to offer but meanial work and servitude. She basked in mediocrity and fell into a deep melancholy—Pei Pei’s resolve over this trial is less fragile as time passes.
The fifth trial, the Trial of Sacrifice nearly drove Pei Pei mad. The darkest secret of her life would be revealed with this trial, and she wasn’t ready for the outcome. This story begins with her stipend approval during her primary education. She was placed in the Pelep House as steward for her family and House Pagara. This was a Royal duty that she was excited for, because she was able to visit the sea and was given the honor of staying with Pelep Sorugan—Grand Admiral and overall commander of the entire Royal Navy. The Admiral had a son called Feipu, and Pei Pei was enchanted by him. He was a perfect gentleman and often played tricks on her to make her laugh. One thing lead to another and Pei Pei and Feipu fell deeply in love. As the years passed, rumors got back to Pei Pei’s mother about her affair with Feipu. Pei Pei was given a letter from her mother stating that the relationship with Feipu must end and no one must speak of it again. Of course, Pei Pei was devastated and confused. Feipu was the son of one of the most decorated heroes of the Realm. He was similar age and station, and she hoped for their love to become a betrothal. As in all things difficult, Pei Pei had to accept her Mother’s words. Her duty was to her family and her Great House, but it was a pain she would never fully shed. Her mother never spoke of it again. Pei Pei would have to live with this for the rest of her life.


Storm was particularly hard on Pei Pei after her Fifth Trial, because her concentration was mostly on Feipu and whether or not she could bare to see him again. During an exercise in defensive combat, Pei Pei was unfocused and lost her footing. She was near a ten foot ledge in the east-facing garden that she loved the most. As she fell over the side, a weightlessness surrounded her and she was surrounded by the brightest light—she could barely keep her eyes open. The light was warm and comforting, but resonated power. She felt her feet touch ground, but it felt as if she were under water. She drew breath and she could step forward or back, but she felt as if she were sealed in water. Then the voice came to her. “Your destiny is before you, and you must become stronger than the foundations of the Realm you wish to heal!” And the large male figure with hair of bright sunlight and gentle eyes came to her and touched her forehead. She was filled with his power and given a new and heroic purpose



Huang Fei isn’t a prefect or courtier like the many relatives that covet the throne. He is a cut above the squabbling bureaucrats, with his title of Royal Physician. He maintains health and prosperity amongst them all. Mei Lien keeps their house at the foot of the mountains near the smaller city of Juche. Huang Fei visits often. Pei Pei’s schedule makes visits to the court and the Royal Library quite easy. Pei Pei is well received and quite charming to all who meet her. She has practiced detachment, which allows for eavesdropping and gossip to find her ears with the greatest of ease.


Ragara Pei Pei is most desperately in love with Commodore Pelep Feipu. Feipu is the eldest son of a Grand Admiral Pelep Sorugan. Grand Admiral Sorugan was fathered into the monarchy because of his great military strategies with various prefectory rebellions and naval assaults from the Inland Sea on the Blessed Isle. He is also a bureacrat with ambitions to one day seize the throne. The Regent ever cautious, has entertained Sorugan with title and land. He is extremely attractive and talented with both sexes—his former wife was condemned as a thief and her face was scarred with fire to brand her station to society. She hasn’t been seen since the Admiral began his ambitions of power. Pei Pei will forever mourn her gentleman Prince. Both her parents have made no mention of a candidate for her hand.


Ragara Pei Pei loves to write. She also loves to read anything involving sorcery and the art of magic. Her ambition is to become the most powerful sorceress in the Realm—even more powerful than Mnemon herself. Pei Pei is an accomplished caligrapher and her fencing skills are formidable. Pei Pei also loves to play the flute—a gift taught to her by her mother, Mei Lien. Pei Pei also loves long getaways in the country. She loves to fish and travel by sea. Near water is where she feels most at home, because it reminds her of Feipu.


Ragara Pei Pei

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