Celeren: City of 2 People


A note to the curious traveler: Celeren was not always one city, but began as two settlements. The first was founded by the Marukani nomads after the Great Contagion. As the Scarlet Empress began ordering the Realm, they found their own expansion limited by the sea and the defenders of the various Scavenger Lands, with whom they began to find much in common.

The encampment that became Celeren was their westernmost trading outpost, where they would bring fine horses and other goods to trade with merchants from the South and the Realm. These merchants eventually took advantage of a nearby harbor and founded the second settlement.

At the time of the city’s first destruction, then, Celeren was two small metropoli, divided by a low line of hills and connected by a five-mile long road cut through the hills with the aid of spirits and sorcery. The metropoli are named Port and Pasture, and the low hills are gently sloped and clear of rough terrain, as they are used for pasture and farming.

The Pasture spreads out onto a level plain for perhaps half a mile beyond the mouth of the road to the Port.


Celeren: City of 2 People

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