Prowling Dragon

Warship of the Scarlett Dynasty


This warship is fueled by an Essence Engine, a leftover from the First Age. It houses one of the most formidable fists of the Wyld Hunt, led by the ruthless and cunning Sesus Mov. Mov once made a huge ordeal of captured Anathema, burning them in the largest town near to their capture. With the disappearance of the Empress, he now will often sell them to the highest bidder (almost always a Death Knight). Mov has denied the existence of Abyssals, and so he believes the Anathema are sold to Sorcerers who can use the blood and Essence of the Anathema to make weapons that stop even more Anathema. Business is best for Mov near Thorns, so his Prowling Dragon is most often found in the Inland Sea between Celeren and Thorns…


Prowling Dragon

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