Staff of Brigid

First Age Solar Artifact


This staff is graced with an Adamantium plated Hearthstone (rating 5) that is attuned to the Ancient Temple of Three Rings (long since lost after the Death of Tsuman Tsang). It is said that Brigid herself found this staff lost in the Loom of Fate in Yu-Shan itself. The wielder of this staff is considered to be the Highest Master of Solar Sorcerers. It has a variety of powerful affects which are as follows:

Weapon Stats: Hit +4 / Dmg: 4L / rate: 3

Sorcery Bonuses:
+3 dice to Solar Circle Sorcery rolls
+10 Essence stored to both pools
-2XP cost to learn unknown Solar Circle Sorcery Charms
*Adds +4 to damage rolls of phantom or summoned weapons

Special Abilities:
*Incorporal form: turn Incorporal reflexively for 10 Essence
+3 to Leadership or Intimidation rolls
*can sense Manse within 1 mile
*can sense breeches or gateways within 1 mile


Staff of Brigid

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