Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

Death by War Strider!

Our party begins in Celeren, plotting and planning a way to destroy the Abyssal Quiet Whispers. There is much contention on how to do this, with days wasted in planning. It is decided to pretend as though Kyu has been killed outside of the Puyo assault, and his body sold to the highest bidder. The League of Explorers pledges the highest value, and so the party meets them at the Blazing Dragon Inn. With a mix up, Kyu is left outside, leaving the ring plan by Pei Pei useless. Koup takes things into his own hands and removes Kyu to take him to the Slavers Hall and sell him. Between the Plateau and the Port, Quiet Whispers attacks. The party comes to the aid of Koup and Kyu, but not before the massive God “The Necrothurge” arrives. A huge battle of Exalted and undead ensues on the open grasslands. Finally the party overcomes the Horror and defeats Quiet Whispers and the Necrothurge.

Our party is summoned to Gorot in the North to meet with Hiadje. Before arriving, “The Word of the Forsaken” meets Givarra and reveals that the Ebon Dragon and the First and Forsaken Lion are working together to bring down the other Infernals and Abyssals. It is revealed to Givarra that in the First Age he was the Warrior Commander of Hiadje, and Gorot was his Fortress. He assumes his Throne of Farsight, his Hellstrider named Abraxus, and a massive amount of lost knowledge.

From there the party is summoned to Onyx to assault the Silver Prince and assist The Lover Clad in a Raiment of Tears. The Lover has gathered her Necromancers of the Ration Academy, and the Silver Prince has amassed his forces of death Knights and Dark Wixards. The tide turns as the party brings forth the War Striders and Hell Strider and brings havoc to the ground, while Kyu brings the devesatation from the fully operational Air Fortress. Before long, the battle is pushed into the Underworld where the Silver Prince dwells. The Prince and Lover engage in an epic battle of Legendary Martial Arts, while the remaining Death Knights are put down. The Silver Prince falls, and Kyu boldly approaches the Primordial known as the “Dweller in the Darkness”. The Dweller accepts Kyu, and bestows him with the Power of the Death Lord.

Now the party plans to rebuild the School of Solar Sorcery in order to take down the Sidereals. With the Air Fortress, and Brigid in tow, the party scours the wide Oceans…

Schemes and Allies...

Our party begins in the City of Windros near the Temple of Wind in the Coral Archipelago. Yu-Fan and Jiachi arrive to reveal that the Death Lord “The First and Forsaken Lion” is hunting the other 11 Air Fortresses of Hiadje, along with the location where he built them. This knowledge is located in the “Journal of Hiadje” which is held at the Grand Hall of Sacred Wisdom outside Imperial City on the Blessed Isle. Our party sets sail for the capital of the Dynasty.

Upon arrival, the party meets the Ragara family, and Pei Pei’s father Huang-Fei and his mother Mei Lin. All courtesies are given. The party finds out they need a decree from the Regent, Tepet Fokuf in order to enter the Grand Hall, and so they attend the “Feast of Spring Renewal” with the major House Players of the Dynasty. A list of some prominent attendees are:

Mnemon: Earth – satraps and beauracrats – Mnemon, Katan (son)
Tepet: Air – warriors – Fokuf (regent), Nya (wife)
Cathak: Fire – military – Lord Baldin, Master Timin
V’Neef: Wood – merchant marine defense – Lady Shumy, Lady Isiko
Sesus: Fire – beauracrats – Torin, Sphev (adam rival)
Peleps: Water – commands navy – Admiral Tanaka, Rear Admiral Kyoti, Feipu (son of Sorugan and adam rival)
Ledaal: Air – immaculate monks – Father Sebastian, Priestess Inyon
Ragara: Earth – bankers – Huang Fei (royal physician Adams father), Mei Lin (mother), Jefes (uncle – high magistrate)
Cynis: Wood – slavers – Bizok, Drazkor
Nellens: n/a – merchants – Master Shantin, Mistress Zybeeda
Iselsi: Water – assassins – Shy, Ooshon

Chejop Kejak – head sideral
Ayesha Ura – Gold Faction Sidereal

Immaculate (Elemental Dragons)
Mela – Air
Pasiap – Earth
Hesiesh – Fire
Daana’d – Water
Sextes Jylis – Wood

Kyu mixes up with Mnemon, and she reads his thoughts and intentions using ancient and powerful sorcery. Kyu decides to recruit her into his larger plans, and she sees the opportunity to usurp the Dynasty from the Regent and the Sidereal Chejop Kejak. He then has a foray with Mnemon and her son Katan in her Royal Suites. Pei Pei takes one for the team and beds a drunken Regent Fokuf, and manages to procure the decree of entry into the Grand Hall. Givarra mixes it up with the Rear Admiral Kyoti after some Glory-Hole tapestry action. Koup’s path takes him to the bed chamber of Ragara Mei Lin for a night of romance and intimacy.

The party then makes their way to the Grand Hall of Sacred Wisdom, where the decree earns them a chance to fight the poisonous manifestation of Togohashi, Dragon of Wisdom. After some efforts, the party dispatches the foul tree beast, and obtains the Journal of Hiadje.

They learn that Hiadje’s Palace was located far to the North in the City of the Wall – Gorot. His Manse where he built the Air Fortresses is located far to the South in the Burning Sands. Our party heads south to the city of Chiarusco. Here, they meet up with Thoothgar, Chieftan of the Dune People. Kyu offers Pei Pei as payment for the Chieftan to take them to the Mountain shrouded in black clouds. It is a tense scene when Pei Pei decides now she has virtue.

The party finds the Mountain south of the ruins of Aj-Aran. They enter and see a Gateway that shows past, present, and future. After some visions, they contemplate entering a breech into the Underworld. Their hand is played when the Death Lord “The Lover clad in a raiment of Tears” arrives. They meet her Death Knight “Night Fire” who falsely claims to be Hiadje reborn. She agrees to release Hiadje, and Birgit whom she has imprisoned in Amber if the party helps her defeat the Silver Prince. At her palace, the “Fortress of Crimson Ice”, she keeps her word, and so Kyu removes the Black Fleet from Onyx.

Our party heads to Celeren, to find a way to defeat Quiet Whispers and thwart the Mask of Winters. Hiadje asks them to meet him in Gorot, and Givarra’s acolyte “Dancer Under Green Sun” has a vision that Givarra will achieve his inheritance in Gorot. The Lover strikes out, Mnemon moves against Chejop, and our party begins to dismantle Mask of Winters. Somewhere in the Shadows, The First and Forsaken Lion and his infernal ally The Ebon Dragon watch everything unfold as they had planned…

Ambush in the Ruins...

Our party begins in the city of Onyx on the Skullstone Archipelago. After pursuing their own agendas, they reconvene at the Bastion of Captain Montego. A visitor arrives, it is the Sidereal Yu-Fan. Our party takes a different stance with Yu-Fan, perhaps believing that he is leading them in a direction of his choosing. He tries to persuade them to visit the city of Lookshy and meet with the Sidereal Prophet “The Ancient Prophet of Fortunate Circumstances.” The party scoffs at this idea.

The party knows that “Quiet Whispers Under Starless Night” and “Black Blade of Silent Vengance” are in the city to ambush the party and steal the Key of Hiadje for their Master “Mask of Winters”. Our party lures them to the ruins with the help of Yu-Fan. A great battle takes place at an old Gladiator arena. Montego brings his forces, and Whispers summons the undead. Black Blade falls to death, but Quiet Whispers nearly kills Pei Pei Ragara. If not for intervention from Yu-Fam, Pei Pei may have become an Abyssal Servant of the Silver Prince.

They then research where they can find Essence Batteries. The locations are; the Immaculate Temple of Ivory Resplendence on the Blessed Isle, The Ration Academy on Nightfall Island, The Heptagram on the Blessed Isle, and in an ancient Temple lost in the city of Nexus. They decide Nexus is the best place to investigate.

Our party sails off to Nexus. The route is full of peril, but they are able to avoid much of it with Captain Deth’Marq at the helm. They have an interesting encounter with the Whale Merchant, and are able to procure some ancient relics.

Once in Nexus, the party meets with the Silver Prince’s spy master “Scorched Weasel” in Ahstown. He can assist in a meeting with the Guild Agent Shalena the Graceful. Shalena is at the main Guild Hall. She reveals that a shipment of Essence batteries was lost in the Firewander District. The party heads to this pit of chaos, and searches for the lost cart. They find it with some bodies of merchants. They locate a place called the Temple of 10,000 Nightmares, and the Wyld Horrors that dwell there, sucking Essence off of the batteries. After a skirmish, the Wyld Horrors are defeated, and the party claims a stockpile of batteries.

It’s off to the Fog of the Eternal Mist, where the Air Fortress of Hiadje is located. The party activates the Fortress, its weaponry, and the War Striders. Now, they must decide their next action, as the Fortress is at once a great machine of war, and an instrument that could lead to their demise…

Black Blade falls…

Pirates and Undead, oh my!

We begin as our party departs aboard the Kraken Breaker of Captain Montego headed towards Skullstone Archipelago. The seas are quite normal for the first few days, until in the depths of the night they are assaulted by Nokemo, the Sea Serpent Goddess of Destruction. With team work and bravery, our party thwarts the beast with few casualties to the crew. In the end, Givarra sends the Goddess back to Yu-Shan in disappointment and defeat. The next few days are normal until a small vessel called the Setting Sun crewed by Panda-like Djala foolishly attacks the crew. Koup is able to wrestle Captain Weeseena from the seas and turn him/it into Montego. On Skullstone our party is hosted by Captain Montego in his Bastion in the City of Onyx. An abyssal named "She who sees the Fears" greets our party and invites them to a feast in their honor at the Palace of the Silver Prince. Our party attends, and the Silver Prince turns out to be a Death Lord. He offers our party immortality. Azure Horeseman drinks his mystical embalming fluid, while Koup gives his to the Djala named Sui. Aboard the Setting Sun, our party overcomes a missing Essence Battery situation, and makes their way to the Temple of the Wind in Coral Archipelago. Here they meet the Solar Wind. She has charted a course to the Isle of Penance. Wind also introduces the Dragon Blooded Monk Healer V'Neef Rin-Chen to the party. Pei Pei shows stalwart skill in navigating the ship through treacherous coral reefs and into the Eternal Mist. Once within, the mist clears and our party sees the floating Isle of Penance. Azure attempts an airborn scouting mission and is waylaid by a water elemental. Koup attempts to run up the chain and is accosted by an Air Elemental. A new plan is formed, and Pei Pei flies by cloud to negotiate with the Woodsy God of Sorrows. He takes the Hearthstone Ring of Hiadje from her. Givarra must intervene, and he battles the God. An air assault is performed by Azure and Rin-Chen, while Koup assaults the Water Elemental. After some struggle, the party is successful on all 3 fronts. They enter the Air Fortress, a First Age wonder full of Essence Cannons and War Striders. It's missing all of the Essence Batteries, so the party decides to let the Fortress remain hidden until they can find batteries… image.jpeg

A tale of Snakes and Ice

Our party gathers at the Jade Dragon Inn in Celeren plotting strategy. During this session Tanse arrives to invite the party to the Feast of Execution in honor of Sesus Mov at the Daimyo’s Palace.

At the feast during the festivities the Scarlet Magistrate Ragara Jefes finds his grand neice Pei Pei and reveals that Sesus Mov gave up that she is an Anathema. Jefes gives Pei Pei Mov’s tongue and promises to hold her secret.

Givarra takes the somber role of beheading Sesus Mov, and sends his head flying into the gathered crowd.

Using the cover of night the party flees East along the Bamboo Python River into the scavenger lands. The party happens upon a stone bridge in which brigands try to gather a toll. Givarra starts a fist fight, and Pei Pei unleashes freezing hell upon everyone, allies included. The only one unphased is The Azure Horseman who is flying upon his white steed in the heavens. Our party camps and recuperates.

The next day the party encounters a massive horde of Mirukani horse lords. They take an invitation to a feast, and a chance to heal at the hands of Tatha the Shaman. After some sweat lodge time, and Pei Pei thwarting the advances of Gothas the horse scout, they partake of the feast. Out of nowhere, the massive Bamboo Python God, and his Naga-Sa Warriors beset the party. With ground and air tactics they prevail. The Mirukani, led by Mathos, believe Azure to be Equus the Horse God reborn. He has liberated them from the crushing grip of the Bamboo Python God. Of note as well, Givarra slayed his first God, appeasing the Demon Lord Malfeas and securing his place in the Infernal Heirarchy.

The party arrives the next night at the Hiadje statue. After solving the puzzle of the tomb entrance, a Fair Folk guardian of the Chaos Bent arrives and nearly decimates the party; however they prevail. Once within the tomb, they smash hordes of undead, and make their way to the burial chamber of Hiadje the Solar Warrior-King. His crypt has been robbed by the League of Explorers, but Pei Pei finds his hearthstone ring to open his ancient Air Fortress Manse buried in mystery at the Isle of Penance.

The party races back to Celeren and meets with Yu Fan. He explains the Bronze and Gold Factions of the Sidereal. He also reveals that the Isle of Penance is located in the Coral Archipalego. Our party secured passage with Captain Montego and the Solar named Wind to the Skullstone Archipalego and beyond. What wild adventure awaits our group upon the high seas?

A tale of Love and Crime

Our story begins as 3 of our Exalted heroes find themselves trapped in strange jade and iron prisons called Monstrances of the Hunt aboard a Scarlet Naval vessel called the Prowling Dragon captained by Sesus Mov, lord of the Emerald Hunt. He summarily taunts the party, and figures out he has the infamous Ragarra Pei Pei aboard. In the middle of the night a deck hand helps a fourth captive free himself from his prison. It turns out this is Yu Fan, ancient Sidereal of Journeys and powerful member of the Gold Faction. Our crew decides to spare Sesus Mov, opting instead to use speed and stealth to their advantage and flee into the Inward Sea by life boat.

The Sea is furious, and with Sailing skill exercised by Pei Pei and Azure Viper, they make it ashore, though Givara of the Inheritance Seeking is left quite bashed. Onshore, Yu Fan takes the party to a crossroads where they are handed off to his Sidereal Disciple, Jiochi. Usually this woman is all business but somehow Azure Viper has lowered her defenses.

The party heads to the village of Masteh where they secure rooms at the Bristling Boar Inn. With a mood of love in the air, Viper and Jiochi retreat to a room, meanwhile Givara attempts to “seduce” Pei Pei. After getting fleeced by Cinna the Inn Keep, Pei Pei finds comfort in her own room.

In the morning our party rents mounts and heads North to Celeren. Making camp at night, our group is accosted by 6 undead Fallen Soldiers. They easily best them, but Jiochi believes they were sent. Later Jiochi Learns that the Abyssal Exalted named Quiet Whispers on Starless Night sent them to locate the party as the War Spirits will seek the brilliant essence of the Solar.

Our party then arrives in Celeren and makes its way to Port Town where they enter the Guild Halls of Sweat to uncover who was buying the party into slavery. The Halls are headed by an obese overlord named Hopan Inmara. Using some trickery our party plays the part of Sesus Mov and uncovers that Daimyo Sozar himself purchased the slave contract.

Seeing the opportunity to utterly destroy the reputation of Sesus Mov, the party lays disputable acts at his feet including shitting on the steps of the Church of the Immaculate Order, punting a baby into the harbor, and pissing on a wood elemental statue guardian of the Daimyo.

With a meeting set with Hopan Inmara, our party sets in secret at the Fighting Arena (The Temple of the White Tiger). They see Inmara meet with Daimyo Sozar. Using some Sorcery and some Charms, the party sees a Lunar (White Owl of Shifting Snows), that Sozar is a Dragon Blood of Wood Aspect, and an Abyssal (Quiet Whispers Under Starless Night). Snow helps the party escape in her current Knack as an old scarred leisure guard. Once underground she reveals a form of pure beauty. She claims to know Azure Viper from a former life as a “handsy” Solar of the First Age. The party successfully escapes and heads back to their Inn, the Cloud Dragon Pleasure House.

Yu Fan arrives along with Jiochi, and has some Intel. Yu Fas has travelled to the Heavenly City of Yu Shan and looked into the Loom of Fate. He has learned that someone in your party has the ability to gather the key from the Tomb of Hiadje, and use this key to open the Secret Temple on the Isle of Penance. Some item on this aisle is of great interest to the Death Lord The Mask of Winters who has created a Shadowland in the City of Thorns. He had learned of your group from the Traitorous Sidereal known simply as “The Green Lady”. Quiet Whispers Under Starless Night is the Masks Abyssal representative in Celeren, thus she bade the Daimyo to purchase the contract for your capture with the Guild. It’s bids a few questions however; why didn’t she kill or capture you on the road? Why twist the Daimyo into this? What does the Mask of Winters want?

Our party decided to steer clear of The Mask of Winters, and devises a plan in which they will travel to the plains and the Statue of Hiadje. Yu Fan and Jiochi will twist the Destiny of Whispers to force her to stay in Celeren where her Abyssal power will be weakened as she can’t return to her masters shadowlands.

With that our party prepares to set out. Snow however believes she can recruit some help for them before they Brave the plains of the Scavenger Lands…

Washed Ashore!

With legions of Dragon Blooded, and Ancient Weapons of the First Age, Sesus Mov, Lord of the Emerald Hunt has captured all of you. He has obviously been helped immensely by someone who knew where all of you would be. You have been placed in Monstrances of the Hunt, powerful prisons that shut off the Essence of Exalted trapped within. His mighty warship, the Prowling Dragon churns the Inland Sea, heading towards the Easter City of Celeren.

There are 10 Monstrances, most of them full. In one of them, an aged man decked in Artifacts sits meditating with a slight smirk upon his face…


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