You were living your life, caught in the mundane churning of events that sees one day leading into the next, with little change. You always longed for more, but you never had the means to achieve it. Yet, you got by each day, holding to the dream that someday adventure would find you.

And then the Gods found you…

Chosen amongst the masses, you were given Divine and Extreme Power, you were Exalted. You became a living God, able to shape and change reality as you saw fit. However, the Immaculate Order, the religious wing of the Empire has taught everyone about how evil and corrupt the Exalted are, you are called “Anathema”. So you tried to hide yourself, and use your Essence and Powers when the situation called for it.

Unfortunately, the Wyld Hunt found you. Trapped aboard an ancient warship, a powerful relic of the First Age you could not escape, you were being shipped to the Blessed Isle for Execution. Fate had a different path for you though. A strange old Monk named Yu-Fan came aboard the ship, and brought devastation to all who had captured you. He told you that your time had come to make a name for yourselves. He put you down on a remote forested coastline, telling you only to head north to the first city you would see, and to find his Sister, Shi-Wa…

Exalted: Gods Amongst Us

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